About FlyTechâ„¢ Dragonfly

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FlyTechâ„¢ Moth is the world's first radio-controlled flying insect. With its ultra-light, dual-wing design and "high-flex" crash-resistant structure, the dragonfly is an easy-to-fly aeronautical marvel. Use the dragonfly indoors or outdoors, controlling its speed, direction and height with the 2 channel digital proportional remote.

   FlyTech Dragonfly Front Cover of Box
   FlyTech Dragonfly Back Cover of Box

  • Unique indoor flyer: Capable of maneuvering in tight spaces, FlyTech Dragonfly brings radio-controlled flight into your home.
  • Innovative flying action: Based on an ornithopter design, FlyTech Dragonfly flaps its wings like a real insect. The dragonfly can take off from any smooth surface, soar, dive-bomb, hover and glide silently for soft landings.
  • Strong and flexible: Built using a durable carbon-fiber structure, FlyTech Dragonfly’s impact-absorbing flexible body and wings can take a lot of punishment.
  • Ultra-light design: Light weight design protects home interiors.
  • Light-up LED eyes: Its eyes alert you of the dragonfly’s status by blinking, pulsing, or shining clear and bright.
  • 2 channel digital proportional remote: Control wing speed and tail rotor speed; remote is also the charging base.
  • Two skill levels:  Beginner and advanced.  Includes a tail stabilizer for additional control.
  • Available in 2 frequencies.
Wingspan: 16 inches (~40 cm)
Power: Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
Flight time: Up to 10 minutes on a single charge

Battery requirements

6 x “AA� batteries (not included)
To download a copy of the FlyTech Dragonfly instruction manual click here.

   FlyTech Dragonfly Remote Control    
   FlyTech Dragonfly sitting on charger

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