Disney Pixar Cars Official Checklist - Characters from the Cars Movies

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Disney Pixar Cars 2013 Lightning Ramone Retro Radiator Springs #3/8
Disney Pixar Cars 2013 Lightning Ramone Retro Radiator Springs #3/8
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Disney Pixar Cars Official Checklist - Characters from the Cars Movie

Cars - is an animated feature movie produced by Disney Pixar in 2006

Lightning McQueen is an upcoming racing car, with a selfish attitude. He thinks he will be the first rookie to win the Piston Cup. However, because of his arrogant personality, he ignores the advice of his crewmembers and did not change his tyres during the last few laps of the racecourse. As a consequent, he punctured both his rear tyres leading up to the finish line on the final lap. His misfortune resulted in a three-way tie with Chick Hicks and The King.

A tiebreaker was scheduled in California for the three racing cars to compete in the following week.

This was when Lightning McQueen’s adventure got started when he got lost into a small town of Radiator Springs, along route 66, while on his way to California with Mack, where he met the town’s folks that befriended him. His new friends showed him, that real values in life were in friendships and respect.

The list below contains the actual Disney Pixar Cars official release based on series numbers:

  1. Lightning McQueen
  2. Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen
  3. Dirt Track Lightning McQueen
  4. Cruisin Lightning McQueen
  5. Dinoco Lightning McQueen
  6. Cactus Lightning McQueen
  7. Bug Mouth Lightning McQueen
  8. Bling Bling Mouth Lightning McQueen
  9. Tongue Lightning McQueen
  10. Fabulous Hudson Hornet
  11. Doc Hudson
  12. Yellow Ramone
  13. Hydraulic Ramone
  14. Ghostlight Ramone
  15. Lightning Ramone
  16. Purple Ramone
  17. Green Ramone
  18. Old School Ramone (Cruisin Ramone)
  19. Brand New Mater
  20. Mater
  21. Ferrari F430
  22. Mario Andretti
  23. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  24. Chick Hicks
  25. Stacy (Leakless Pitty)
  26. Dinoco Chick Hicks
  27. Dinoco Helicopter
  28. Leroy Traffik
  29. Tex Dinoco
  30. Sarge
  31. Kathy Copter
  32. Petrol Pulaski (RPM Pitty)
  33. Pit Crew Member - Fabulous Hudson Hornet
  34. Pit Crew Member - Guido
  35. Lightning McQueen with Bumper Stickers Chase (Limited Edition)
  36. Spinout Lightning McQueen
  37. Pit Crew Member - Fillmore
  38. Fillmore
  39. Hamm
  40. Boost
  41. RPM (64)
  42. Bob Cutlass
  43. Darrell Cartrip
  44. Fred - (Fred, Fred Rescaled)
  45. Yeti (The Abominable Snowplow)
  46. Sheriff
  47. The King
  48. Sally
  49. Leakless
  50. Nitroade
  51. Lizzie (Wife of Stanley)
  52. DJ
  53. Wingo
  54. Snot Rod
  55. My Name is not Chuck (McQueen Pitty)
  56. Tow
  57. Race Official Tom
  58. Axle Accelerator
  59. Chuki (Reporter)
  60. Roman Dunes (No Stall Chief)
  61. Van
  62. Luke Pettlework (Dinoco Pitty)
  63. Al Oft the Lightyear Blimp
  64. Hugo Fast (Nitroade Pitty)
  65. Charlie Checker (red rear light, orange rear light)
  66. Tar Lightning McQueen
  67. Fred with Bumper Stickers Chase (Limited Edition)
  68. Dudley Spare (Octane Gain Pitty)
  69. Ron Hover (Helicopter Reporter)
  70. Sally with Cone
  71. Dexter Hoover (Flag Official)
  72. Edwin Kranks
  73. Impound Lightning McQueen Chase (Limited Edition)
  74. Tank Coat Pitty
  75. Impound Boost Chase (Limited Edition)
  76. Kori Turbowitz
  77. RPM Chief
  78. Timothy Twostroke
  79. Trunk Fresh Pitty
  80. Impound Snot Rod Chase (Limited Edition)
  81. Greta
  82. Damaged King
  83. Easy Idle Pitty
  84. Impound DJ Chase (Limited Edition)
  85. Hank "Halloween" Murphy
  86. Chuck Manifold
  87. Impound Wingo Chase (Limited Edition)
  88. Tumbleweed Lightning McQueen
  89. Andrea (Reporter)
  90. Chuki Chase (Limited Edition)
  91. Milton Calypeer
  92. N2O Cola Pitty
  93. Todd
  94. Ferrari F430 Chase (Limited Edition)
  95. Patti
  96. Vitoline Pitty
  97. Mario Andretti Chase (Limited Edition)
  98. Costanzo Della Corsa
  99. Blowing Bubbles Mater
  100. Saluting Sarge Chase (Limited Edition)
  101. The King with Piston Cup Chase (Limited Edition)
  102. Dinoco Lightning McQueen with Piston Cup Chase (Limited Edition)
  103. Skip Ricter
  104. Chick Hicks with Piston Cup Chase (Limited Edition)
  105. Mood Springs Pitty
  106. Polly Puddle Jumper
  107. Muddy Lightning McQueen
  108. Mini
  109. Nightning Vision Lightning McQueen with 2009 Collector's Guide
  110. Whitewalls Lightning McQueen
  111. Flo
  112. Luigi
  113. Guido
  114. Darrell Cartrip Chase (Limited Edition)
  115. DJ with Metallic Finish Chase (Limited Edition)
  116. Pit Crew Member Sarge
  117. Hydraulic Ramone with Metallic Finish Chase (Limited Edition)
  118. Bling Bling Lightning McQueen with Piston Cup Chase (Limited Edition)
  119. Vern
  120. The King with Metallic Paint Chase (Limited Edition)
  121. Fred with Fallen Bumper Chase (Limited Edition)
  122. Jay Limo
  123. Lightning McQueen with Shovel
  124. Van with Bumper Stickers Chase (Limited Edition)
  125. Fillmore with Organic Gas Can Chase (Limited Edition)
  126. Marlon "Clutches" McKay
  127. Lightning McQueen with Cone
  128. Rust-eze Lightning McQueen Chase (Limited Edition)
  129. Tim Rimmer
  130. Mater with Oil Can Chase (Limited Edition)
  131. Paint Mask Lightning McQueen Chase (Limited Edition)
  132. Wrecked Fabulous Hudson Hornet
  133. Duff Wrecks
  134. Mater with Hood Chase (Limited Edition)
  135. Dinoco Lightning McQueen with Celebrity Signature Chase (Limited Edition)
  136. Yeti with Snow Cones Chase (Limited Edition)
  137. "Dash" Boardman
  138. Antonio Veloce Eccellente
  139. Dexter Hoover with Checkered Flag Chase (Limited Edition)
  140. One Eye Mater
  141. Donna Pits
  142. Nick Stickers
  143. Wet Lightning McQueen
  144. Race Damaged Mood Springs
  145. Johnny
  146. Jamie
  147. Bert the reporter
  148. Flo with Tray
  149. Artie
  150. Valerie Veate
  151. Marty Brakeburst
  152. Jonathan Wrenchworths
  153. Matthew "True Blue" McCrew
  154. Timothy Timezone Truecoat
  155. Marilyn
  156. Milo
  157. Corianda Widetrack
  158. Swift Alternator
  160. Derek "Decals" Dobbs
  161. Wilmar Flattz
  162. Hooman
  165. Matti the reporter
  166. Mater with Glow in the Dark Lamp (Limited Edition)
  171. Guido with Roller and Tray & Luigi with Bucket (Limited Edition)
  172. Guido with Roller and Tray & Luigi with Bucket (Limited Edition)
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